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NCT 127 엔시티 127 '질주 (2 Baddies)' : Gear Up

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  • Tarixində dərc edildi 17 Avq 2022
  • NCT 127's 4th album "질주 (2 Baddies)" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform: nct127.lnk.to/2baddies
    🏎💨 '질주 (2 Baddies)' MV az-clip.com/video/FRilMXZqNhA/video.html
    NCT 127 Official

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  • You're my Star

    '2 baddies' seems like a mix of Limitless and Cherry Bomb era. TWO OF THE BEST CONCEPTS AND SONGS OF 127. Get ready because this song's gonna SLAY

  • Jennie Lawrence

    guys please make sure to support them this time , this might be taeil's last comeback before the enlistment, let's make it be 50 millions the first day we can do it.

  • Todroki Kun

    OK Nct127 set our hearts on fire 🔥 😍 😫

  • Roses are Red

    OK NCTzens, get ready!!! We’ve got to go all in!!!!!

  • NCT 127 songs are bops

    calling all NCT 127 fans!!

  • 뇨냐미
    뇨냐미  +11

    마크야 진짜 사랑한다...

  • Lisa Lylah

    진짜 최고야👍✨✨

  • A
    A  +209

    So thrilled for the comeback and even more excited for Taeyong to devour another era!!!

  • TokimoSoda

    NCT 127 comebacks are always a masterpiece !! I can’t wait for this one !

  • 지윤
    지윤  +4

    미쳤다 컨셉 미쳤다 리듬 미쳤다

  • M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    OMG OMG se viene el regreso de 127! Prepárense porque vienen a mostrar quien es el rey del sonido experimental.

  • 와떠여🧛‍♂️

    애들아 1위 가보자 벌써 1위 각이다 ㅎ ㅎ

  • Anya
    Anya  +125

    I'm so excited!! I hope we can enjoy this comeback fully without overlapping schedules like last time. We just need 127 and 127 only.

  • Denden
    Denden  +6

    I love all NCT127 cbs...you really never know what style to expect but you know it'll be excellent!!!

  • K Pop LovAtic

    This song is gonna be extra 🔥🔥🔥! I can already feel the energy ⚡️from it!

  • Stan NCT 127 and BP!

    Nct 127 new album preorders open now!

  • Ren_XJ
    Ren_XJ  +591

    Man I went to find Jaehyun's new song and got attacked with this?! The boys are cominggggg. Y'all get ready!!!

  • Nga Nguyen

    I don't know how many music shows they can win with that comeback date but I'm sure that their music is going to be great. Trust our boys!

  • Lisa Lylah

    Not just the concept and vibe but even the font of text & 127 reminds you of 2017 Cherry Bomb era!!!

  • taeyong enjoyer

    guys, pre-orders are out. start placing your orders as early as now if you can! <3