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NASA engineer admits they can’t get passed the Van Allen Belts

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  • Tarixində dərc edildi 20 İyl 2015
  • READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING! And admission starts at: 3:00
    “We must SOLVED theses challenges before we SEND PEOPLE through this region of space”! 3:37
    This video released by NASA about the upcoming Orion space exploration craft, shows a NASA scientist admitting that they still haven't worked out how to properly shield the spacecraft from the radiation emitted from the Van Allen belts.
    Important to note:
    The Apollo missions allegedly passed the Van Allen Radiation Belts.
    Does technology go backwards? Why can't they simply use technology that they have used 50 years ago!?
    Kelly Smith, NASA engineer
    Ref NASA website:
    NASA contacts:
    Rachel Kraft
    Headquarters, Washington
    Brandi Dean
    Johnson Space Center, Houston

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  • Edward S Winfrey
    Edward S Winfrey 2 il əvvəl +74

    If they are still trying to figure out how to get past the Van Allen Belt which is about 30,000 miles above Earth, explain to me how in the hell did they get to the moon about 235,000 miles away?

    • Cherise Joe
      Cherise Joe 21 gün əvvəl

      Lol because we never made it to the moon

    • Zane Me
      Zane Me 2 ay əvvəl

      they flew on a magic penis of course, silly. Only stoopid people question whether we went to cheese-land

    • Joe Anthony
      Joe Anthony 2 ay əvvəl

      @CCHW Real News Dont know who your sources. Dont care either. If the dose was lethal why didnt the astronauts die? People hear radiation and freak out over nothing. "The total radiation received by the astronauts varied from mission-to-mission but was measured to be between 0.16 and 1.14 rads (1.6 and 11.4 mGy), much less than the standard of 5 rem (50 mSv)[c] per year set by the United States Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radioactivity.[35]"

    • CCHW Real News
      CCHW Real News 2 ay əvvəl

      @Joe Anthony According to all reliable sources in 1969 the humans that reportedly traveled to the moon and back would have spent 6 hours inside the belts. Ten minutes would be lethal.

    • Lucifer
      Lucifer 2 ay əvvəl

      never went simple cemical rockets dont work in a vacuum thats a fact they make no thrust in a vacuum

  • jorgensenmj
    jorgensenmj 4 il əvvəl +18

    Amazing that it only took half a century to redesign (but not build) what the Apollo program actually did 50 years ago.
    I am so glad NASA scientists put out these videos to show how little they can actually accomplish with billions upon billions of tax dollars.

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 3 ay əvvəl

      Apollo program took many years. The fact that it only now that we are going back is because of a Trump directive and because of increased talk about going to Mars. Similar but new designs need testing and proving. With anything.

    • zdcyclops1 lickley
      zdcyclops1 lickley 3 il əvvəl +2

      NASA does what the current administration TELLS them to do. Trump says we should return to the Moon. NASA starts developing the ability to do that. If you don't like what NASA does, run for office.

  • ChadatWork
    ChadatWork Ay əvvəl +3

    He's telling us that for the first time for real, we are trying to figure out how to get to the moon and outside the Van Allen belts.

    4GUESTS USA 4 il əvvəl +45

    People were definitely smarter and more talented in the 1960's .....so let's assume that somehow with the very limited technology of a half-century ago, they somehow made it to the moon and back. Then let's imagine what citizens back then could imagine of the future, say 2018? Could any of them imagine the grand irony that with the giant leaps in technology that would come about, that we would somehow lose the ability to go to the moon?

    • MagillaThaTrillaGorilla
      MagillaThaTrillaGorilla 2 ay əvvəl

      @Peter Harold Janak Jr They admit to losing the hardware, software, and metadata all one needs to do is read between teh lines.

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 2 ay əvvəl

      @MagillaThaTrillaGorilla They do not admit to having no proof. Even if they still had the machines to read the tapes. You'd declare its all CGI.

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 2 ay əvvəl

      @MagillaThaTrillaGorilla False. Didn't "lose" any tech. Who took it away? Aliens. The tech was obscelete and dismantled we have a fully launch ready SAT V right now. But, it's a museum peice. Telemetry day for Apoo11 was I deed mishandled and they had a supply shortage. They foolishly recorded over it. The telemetry was the video itself as it was converted to telemetry data to send back to earth. But the rest of this data is useless info. Such as body temp and heart rates. We have tapes for the other missions. But the machines to read the data no longer exist

    • MagillaThaTrillaGorilla
      MagillaThaTrillaGorilla 2 ay əvvəl

      @Peter Harold Janak Jr no. They literally lost it as well as all the telemetry data that proves they went. They have no proof they went and they admit it.

    • MagillaThaTrillaGorilla
      MagillaThaTrillaGorilla 2 ay əvvəl

      @Feynstein 100 i could maybe fit 2 pyramid blocks in my bachyard. Delete this, nephew.

  • Matt x
    Matt x 5 il əvvəl +81

    What I don't get it how they justify having to do tests to get through the belts, when they supposedly already have many years ago now.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 7 ay əvvəl

      ​@Val Martin - Real True Education Hahaha, the cluelessness.

    • Val Martin - Real True Education
      Val Martin - Real True Education 7 ay əvvəl

      It would not cost too much to send a craft up 100,000 miles and take it back down with test results, Can they not send mice up?

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 7 ay əvvəl

      @Cafe Latte As I said, they generally shield it... that is, they design special electronics that are resistant to radiation. The military also does this in some cases. Obviously this is substantially more expensive than using mass-produced ordinary electronics stuff. The details of this are a bit complicated, and you should go read about them.
      An alternative approach, which I believe SpaceX has gone with, is to use ordinary electronics, but to use multiple redundant sets of them... so instead of one processor calculating, say, a trajectory, you have three different processors do it, and then you can detect if something has gone wrong because the results won't match up between them.

    • Cafe Latte
      Cafe Latte 7 ay əvvəl +1

      @seigeengine I have a question. If smaller electronic tech compared to the 60s tech are vulnerable to this radiation, how did they manage to send probes and satellites, which are extremely sophisticated tech, beyond moon over the years?

    • Profe Reto
      Profe Reto 2 il əvvəl +1

      what? no testing of a new vehicle??? that’s what you claim they should do, just in order to satisfy a few silly conspiracy nutters?
      wtf is wrong with you?
      refer to a single technology from the 60ies which is still in use without a single change or improvement. name one. every single new technology has been tested intensively before hitting the market. for a good reason. the same applies for space travel, don’t you think?
      telephones? nope, huuuge improvements there.
      TV? nope, gigantic improvements
      Car savety features? seat belts and airbags, among other features like car design.
      Air planes? huuuge improvements there too.
      so why don’t they reproduce the saturn V rocket and apollo modules?
      well, for the same reason we dont build any of the above technologies; they are completely outdated.
      this is common sense... try harder, conspiraceeh nut

  • Sandy
    Sandy 3 il əvvəl +134

    "Starting a new chapter in human space exploration." Because the first six chapters were fiction.

    • pasisovi
      pasisovi 5 ay əvvəl +1

      I loved this!

    • Robin
      Robin Il əvvəl +4

      Still no space exist so only sci fi can take you to fake space . Respect

    • Benji Albert
      Benji Albert Il əvvəl +9

      Definitely a new chapter, but still sci fi🤣🤣🤣

  • LuLu Buffington
    LuLu Buffington 2 il əvvəl +2

    Thank you, Seb! I feel, as if, I have been living under a rock. But I never heard of the Van Allen Belt. You explained it very clearly for someone like me to understand.

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 19 gün əvvəl

      If he told you that the Van Allen's were not passable or that it would kill the astronauts. He's lying to you. The are indeed manageable. They are only deadly if you stay days too long. Or , if a solar storm occurs. They were in the belts for about 68 minutes. Not enough time to absorb a deadly dos of radiation. 4 to 5 sieverts of radiation kills. The astronauts absorbed a tiny 1.8 micro-sieverts.

    • Weary Kirin
      Weary Kirin 2 il əvvəl +4

      @Seb Menard the man quoting goverment agencies as to why we didnt go to the moon says they are lying. Irony at its finest

    • Seb Menard
      Seb Menard  2 il əvvəl +3

      LOL everyone is in title of their beliefs. Some people like to trust blindly, and trust systematically the media or any government agencies. Usually, when you follow the money... you usually have the truth. When there is lies, there is corruption and benefits. NASA is a huge income, there is no reason as to why they would want to be cut off from social funding.

  • MrGrumblier
    MrGrumblier 4 il əvvəl +5

    “We must SOLVED theses challenges before we SEND PEOPLE through this region of space” - in the Orion capsule. It is a new design with new composite materials and electronics that are more susceptible to electromagnetic radiation than those used on the Apollo missions. It is also intended for missions lasting many months rather than the less than 2 weeks of the Apollo missions. The entire promo video by NASA is talking about the upcoming testing of the never before tested Orion capsule.

    • Gunter Netzer
      Gunter Netzer Ay əvvəl +1

      @11cookeaw1 The thinnest part of the outer belts.

    • 11cookeaw1
      11cookeaw1 3 ay əvvəl

      @Steve Gad The Apollo spacecraft passed through the thickest part of the belts in mere minutes.

    • MrGrumblier
      MrGrumblier 4 il əvvəl

      That the shielding on the old Apollo capsules was adequate for the duration of the missions is readily apparent as all of the astronauts who passed through the Van Allen belts survived - as did their cameras. What is not known for certain is if the shielding on the Orion capsule will protect the current generation of equipment which is far more susceptible to radiation and electromagnetic interference than the vacuum tubes used in the 1960s and early 70s. While all the computer simulations indicate that the Orion's shielding is up to the task, only real world, or in this case real space, testing will determine if Orion is ready for deployment for manned missions.

    • Steve Gad
      Steve Gad 4 il əvvəl +2

      Go into THAT radiation for your "Less than 2 weeks" and see what happens to you. Oh and take your camera - not that it will survive either.

  • G Heald
    G Heald 4 il əvvəl +231

    Answer the question. How did the Apollo astronauts survive these belts with no affect on their rudimentary computer if you now have to figure out how to get through them?

    • Val Martin - Real True Education
      Val Martin - Real True Education 4 ay əvvəl

      They never went beyond low earth orbit

    • Fernando Villanueva
      Fernando Villanueva 4 ay əvvəl

      Simple. We havent been to the moon yet. That was fake.

    • molok
      molok 6 ay əvvəl

      @Elhis the Ninja yeah You say 'we' a lot, no idea who are You refering to (not engineers for sure) , I guess you post these comments from 1960 mainframe because why figure out newer and smaller computers when that was doing its job just fine, and You drive your ford model T because hey, there is no need to update when it drives just fine, I guess all these people that try to research new technologies are just stupid because what we have works just fine .... ehhh your mindset is very strange

    • Elhis the Ninja
      Elhis the Ninja 6 ay əvvəl

      @molok we update! We dont build new ones from scratch 😂!! You guys are confusing your selves

    • Elhis the Ninja
      Elhis the Ninja 6 ay əvvəl

      @molok 😂😂😂 it doesnt make any sense! We figured out the material we need to pass through the van Allen before ! Why would you stress yourself with something thats known???

  • Spencer Jarvis
    Spencer Jarvis 5 il əvvəl +185

    To the people saying that in 1969 we didnt go through the belts, we avoided them, went around them... ok, so why are we going through them on this orion mission? why are we not avoiding them again?

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 19 gün əvvəl

      @Dakota McDaniel Again, this guy in this video is full of shit. I explained it to you already as well. Space isn't hot. The individual molecules is space are hot. But there are so few. Nothing is going to be cooked. by space. And as I suspected. iNDEED THEY DID NOT SAY WE HAVE NEVER LEFT LEO. They said right now we can't. And that's because all we had was the shuttle program.. Not because we were incapable of doing something to make it happen. Wake up you stupid idiot.

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 19 gün əvvəl

      @Dakota McDaniel Get off your lazy ass and read my entire post. Correct the sun does not emit heat. It emits like. Which radiates our atmosphere. Otherwise known as warming it up. Still showing how stupid you are. It's true they used a poor choice of words when they said "lost the technology. It was never "lost". Apollo program ended. So all that was built for it was dismantled. Companies that came to be for the very purpose of building and designing for Apollo moved on or went out of business. ONly with these last two can you say we "lost" the technology. Buz never said we never went. He said we never went back. Using meaningless words like energy dilation. They knew there would be some exposure to radiation. So why build it thick when you don't have to. gave you the facts about the Van Allens. They are manageable. BTW, you think space is bullshit. Yet you accept the findings via a craft that went way up above LEO and discovered the van allen belts. So you believe one or the other. Not both. If we cannot get out of LEO. Then we could not have discovered the belts. Which is it going to be? Mad yes. Because NASA never said we never went. You fucktard. I'm no liberal. I voted for that idiot twice. That said, I'm no republican either. Yes , anti-vaxers are the same as moon hoaxers and flat earthers. All ignorant as fuck. Your dumb ass probably thinks thousands have been killed by the vax. When in reality, it's only 9 people. many vaccines require boosters. Especially when dumb asses don't vaccinate, get sick and help create new variants. You do no research of your own and only come to conclusions in your own head. And if you do look into things. It's not real research. Instead , it's watching lying grifters like this asswipe. The moon rover videos prove we went. There is no car on earth that can travel a mere 8-11 mph and produce perfect, tall undisturbed by air rooster tails of dust and have that same dust fall at a rate of 1/6th of earth gravity. Only the moon rover on the moon can do that. Find me this elusive car on earth and i;; agree it was a hoax. But, you'll never find it. Because they don't exist. You can live in your pathetic world and somehow think that you , along with a bunch of moon hoax tards, somehow are too smart for the government. News flash. You dropped out of elementary school.

    • Dakota McDaniel
      Dakota McDaniel 19 gün əvvəl

      @Peter Harold Janak Jr Heat dosent travel through space? Okay. So the sun heats us up through vibrations? Buzz aldrin admitted himself they never went...they lost the technology....it was a great hoax. Nobody can leave through the van Allen belts. The suns energy is dilated around are magnetic sphere causing a lot of energy dilation. The lander is made of thin metals? The led shielding would had to have been WAY thicker , at least sic inches thick, not sheet like size?! Lol 😆 hes just telling you what NASA has officially said and you get mad lol. Main stream, liberal educated FOOL! You probaly think Anti-Vaxers are crazy! Says the ones who needed 6 booster shots cause the first one worked! Ahaha your a shrill and beileive everything your told without your own research cause you lack a mind of your own and blindly follow mass opinion.
      And no matter how hard you want to beileive we did

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 19 gün əvvəl

      @Dakota McDaniel YOu can give the link. But it' ll be out of context or it'll be clear you didn't listen to the entire statement. Just like your garbage about who filmed buzz getting in the LM before they took off when you know damn well that the video camera was remotely control ed by NASA. And your quip about 5G when you know damn well that cellular is terrestrial based and radio signals with a clear shot to the moon aren't.

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 19 gün əvvəl

      @Dakota McDaniel YOu display your utter and completely uneducated ignorance of space, 5G, etc. You have absolutely zero clue about this topic because you have NEVER read real information. Just moon landing denier trash.

  • Orbital Dew*
    Orbital Dew* 4 il əvvəl +61

    wow, our science and technology is fucking awesome
    maybe somday we even can get to the moon, incredible
    ähhhmm wait a second ...

    • \WIZZLE/
      \WIZZLE/ 5 ay əvvəl +1

      Exactly 🤣👍

  • George Mallory
    George Mallory 4 il əvvəl +106

    Boy, it seems like the more the public learns about space travel, the more NASA looks very guilty of playing some deceitful games. We get the government we deserve.

    • JJ LePepe
      JJ LePepe 9 ay əvvəl

      Look up what the word Nasa means.

    • the skull emoji 💀
      the skull emoji 💀 2 il əvvəl +1

      @Stephen Czzz lol i meant the pic i saw looked like rainboots

    • Stephen Czzz
      Stephen Czzz 2 il əvvəl +1

      @the skull emoji 💀 RAIN BOOTS USED ON THE MOON?!!! THAT'S PRICELESS!

    • the skull emoji 💀
      the skull emoji 💀 2 il əvvəl

      @Stephen Czzz I believe that moon landing was fake but when i looked up the actual boot (looks like a rainboot), it matched

    • A Dude
      A Dude 3 il əvvəl +3

      You do know they had a suit to go over the suit they wore out to walk in. So diffrent boot tracks. Look that up

  • Richard Asmus
    Richard Asmus Il əvvəl +2

    x/0=infinity. Each of the "particles" (x) mentioned in the Van Allen Belt contains a consciousness that observes that particle as we observe our universe. This, of course, will sound ridiculous to those trapped within the limits of human egocentricity. Those who dare to step outside may see an entirely different picture.

    ABI POWER 3 il əvvəl +10

    Well that was quite a reality check.

  • Mike Holley
    Mike Holley Il əvvəl +3

    "We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space." 1968 called, and they want to know what to put on TV Christmas Eve.

  • TrueGritProductions
    TrueGritProductions Il əvvəl +12

    If we really went to the moon we would have already gone back. That's the simplest and most common sense way of looking at it. Remember when you went somewhere cool and exotic? Did you you swear you'd never return after you left, or forget how to get there all of a sudden? And corporations/governments are so greedy they'd already have 100 casinos up there by now.

    • Mythological Myth
      Mythological Myth 7 ay əvvəl

      Not necessarily MUST go back but WHY go back? It’s an essential rock used for night and for guiding the sun as the sun and planets circle the fixed earth so nothing to do there or see.

    • Mark Cuckerberg
      Mark Cuckerberg 8 ay əvvəl

      @Michael M az-clip.com/video/bdQHKf48Mfw/video.html
      Bullshit. It's all BULLSHIT. You've been lied to. We've all been lied to.

    • Michael M
      Michael M 9 ay əvvəl +1

      you do know there were multiple apollo missions? lol

  • C Neff
    C Neff 4 il əvvəl +7

    Crewed mission launches are designed to minimize the amount of time the vehicle (and hence crew) spend in the Van Allen belts. Uncrewed launches aren't as restricted, as we saw with Heavy Falcon, a few days a go, which spent over 3 hours in the belts. Which was one of the concerns that Musk voiced, pre-launch, because the radiation can sometimes render electronics inoperable. No conspiracy here.

    • C Neff
      C Neff 4 ay əvvəl

      @Maitus Monyatsi Are you stupid on purpose? I have a background in surface to air missiles. I'll take my education over your "watching
      videos" education, ever day.

    • C Neff
      C Neff 4 ay əvvəl

      @ZZ ZZZ They literally never said any such thing.

    • Maitus Monyatsi
      Maitus Monyatsi 4 ay əvvəl

      Lol you saying its plausible
      You lost me when you mentioned the heavy falcon space x cgi studios.
      You sound intelligent and you know your engineering
      But common sense says its all sci fi talk not practical but highly theoretically accurate

    • ZZ ZZZ
      ZZ ZZZ 8 ay əvvəl +1

      That isn't what was said at all. NASA is saying men cannot go to the moon UNTIL the "radiation problem" is solved. LOL.

    • Moving Forward
      Moving Forward 10 ay əvvəl +1


  • Matthew Cattell
    Matthew Cattell Il əvvəl +1

    If Van Allen is a challenge to be overcome before sending men into space, I guess we could use the same techniques used for the moon landing, right?

  • Arend Wolbers
    Arend Wolbers 4 il əvvəl +1

    Question: What happens to photographic material when radiated? This question was never ask in the '60-'70 although when suitcases where röntgent on airfields much holiday photo's and films where over exposed. So did the moon landings really happened?

    • ZZ ZZZ
      ZZ ZZZ 8 ay əvvəl

      Obviously they were faked.

    • zdcyclops1 lickley
      zdcyclops1 lickley 3 il əvvəl

      Yes they did. NASA cheated, they thought about what they would need to take pictures, and built accordingly.

  • Lautaro Arino
    Lautaro Arino 3 il əvvəl +4

    "We need to solve the air breathing issue before sending people down to the bottom of the sea. People cant breath water and this is a huge problem for sending humans down the ocean." This does not mean we have not and can not send people down now. It just means that the risks, compared to staying on land, are high. As everyone knows. Like the astronauts know that its risky to be in space. No where does NASA claim people technically can not go through the Van Allen belt. Thats just a missinterpretation some use to discredit NASA.

    • Lautaro Arino
      Lautaro Arino 6 ay əvvəl

      @Disturbed Shaggy only what's available online. However if you are going to use it to validate these conspiracy theories I will kindly ask you to properly source and backup your claims.

    • Disturbed Shaggy
      Disturbed Shaggy 6 ay əvvəl

      Do you know what operation fishbowl is?

  • Joshua W
    Joshua W 4 il əvvəl +1

    They never really did anything to shield the original astronauts from the vab allen belts. They didnt have much, if any, of an effect.

    RAFTER RAFTER 4 il əvvəl +42

    Well,i guess we never went to the moon after all !!!

  • nicsandee123
    nicsandee123 2 il əvvəl +6

    Anybody miss the part where he says, “guidance and systems, the talks about how traveling through the van Allen belt can damage the computers. We must solve theses problems before we send astronauts through the belts.
    I think he’s talking about the systems myself, he never says he’s responsible for the astronauts health.
    Let’s just gloss over the important details and it will sound like a hoax. Listening helps
    Modern digital and miniaturized electronics run at a low voltage, a particle strike in a chip can cause problems. It’s called a Single Event Effect, SE. during high sunspot activity the odd errant charged particle can enter your phone, ever wonder why your laptop or phone crashes for no reason. Bit flip!

    • Stan Grabowski
      Stan Grabowski Il əvvəl

      @ironwork92000 When THOSE astronauts said it (that we don't have the ability) it was true because the Saturn V was no longer being built. But when the Apollo missions were happening it was possible.
      Manufacturing a huge rocket like the Saturn V and all its components is a monumental task. It takes lots of people, lots of companies... A huge supply chain. Lots of machinery and vast shop floor space.
      Once a project gets cancelled all that gets repurposed. They don't just let it all collect dust so they can brush it off to make another huge rocket when someone 20 years later decides it's time to go back. And why would you want to use old tech anyways? That's why Artemis is happening now... new tech to go back.

    • nicsandee123
      nicsandee123 Il əvvəl +1

      @ironwork92000 We do currently have the technology was no one has built, it back up. There will never be a time where large scale manufacturing of multiple rockets takes place. I doubt very much that 400,000 people will work on achieving a goal such as this.
      In the unedited version of the video the guy says “Orion will be the first space craft to take men passed low earth orbit in a little over 40 years”

    • ironwork92000
      ironwork92000 Il əvvəl

      But astronauts also say they don't have the technology to get near the moon. The moon being 238k from the earth. We cannot leave 300 nm from the planet 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Stan Grabowski
      Stan Grabowski Il əvvəl

      ​@Lovin Life Flat earthers, and conspiracy theorists like to cherry pick... there you go. I updated it to cover everyone who cherry picks and twists facts.
      I didn't silence anyone. I pointed out where they were willfully twisting the truth, and lying. That's different. Everyone can still see their lies. I just pointed them out.

    • Patrick Whiters
      Patrick Whiters Il əvvəl

      @Stan Grabowski you’re probably right, but you could be wrong also you never know we only know what we are allowed to know..but you right still

  • betequeue
    betequeue 3 il əvvəl +57

    « As it passes over the Indian Ocean we lose communication. » - calling the White House from the moon is no problem, though. At least in 1969.

    • Profe Reto
      Profe Reto 2 il əvvəl

      look at a globe and find the indian ocean. then find the US. also, learn about radio technology and was the plasma (when the capsule enter the atmosphere at high speeds) does to electromagnetic radiation (radio waves, numpty).
      look, knowing nothing isn’t something you should share in. such a loud manner in public. keep it to yourself, conspiraceeh nutter

    • AR Gaming Thomson
      AR Gaming Thomson 2 il əvvəl

      Wrong it went from the White House to Houston then to the moon

    • Alien SexGod
      Alien SexGod 2 il əvvəl +2

      Pffft it was a VIDEO CALL back in '69! You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave the film studio! @_@

    • Jay Velasquez
      Jay Velasquez 2 il əvvəl

      Calling the White House from the moon?! I guess you have it the other way Dick called The moon

    • j m
      j m 3 il əvvəl +9

      take a course in basic electromagnetics and radio theory then rethink that.

  • Huey Iroquois
    Huey Iroquois 4 ay əvvəl

    3:12 "Radiation like this can harm the guidance systems, onboard computers, or other electronics on Orion." The reason modern tech can't get through the van Allen belts is that the technology that makes modern computers fast also makes them fragile.
    Edit: Also: "past", not "passed".

  • E. Rose
    E. Rose 3 il əvvəl +2

    So you think NASA is supposed to use 55 year old technology for a new mission? That stuff isn't even produced anymore! The computers from Apollo were tested in the VAB and so will the Orion computers be. Why is that so hard for anyone to understand?

  • S. Vector
    S. Vector 4 il əvvəl +13

    Strange that James Van Allen himself confirmed years ago that the belts named after him are completely survivable by humans. Why is this fact ignored?

    • Vienna
      Vienna 4 ay əvvəl

      Then why has no other country like Russia or China sent people through it? Why has no one been through it supposedly since '72?

    • Val Martin - Real True Education
      Val Martin - Real True Education 7 ay əvvəl

      My point is that there are two threats to manned flight. 1. The Van Allan Belt is only one, the time spent going through it is limited. 2. Space beyond the Belt, it is less concentrated, but the time spent exposed to it was about 6 days. Particles are travelling near the speed of light, we don't know how many an astronaut would receive to the moon and back. It looks like it is only now VASA is waking up to this.

    • Niall Hosking
      Niall Hosking Il əvvəl

      @OFF- CODE Because you still want to make them more survivable. There is "survivable" like standing 20 metres from Chernobyl in a light radiation suit, and then there is "survivable" like standing 1 km from Chernobyl in full anti-radiation gear.

    • zdcyclops1 lickley
      zdcyclops1 lickley 3 il əvvəl

      Because it doesn't fit the lies they tell.

    • DK Durham
      DK Durham 3 il əvvəl +1

      Even if he did. James never measured them. Nobody had yet.

  • Tamas Marcuis
    Tamas Marcuis 4 il əvvəl +5

    Apollo never passed directly through the hot zones of the Van Allen Belts, instead using more fuel to push a Northerly route. You could up grade the shielding of Apollo to go via the more fuel economical equatorial route. But if that means the craft is heavier you are back to the same fuel requirements or even higher. By sending a version of the craft unmanned through the intended route and measuring the actual radiation levels you can tailor a multilayered shielding system without increasing weight to an uneconomic load making the whole thing pointless.
    This is the subject of the NASA video. Use your heads.

    • Val Martin - Real True Education
      Val Martin - Real True Education 7 ay əvvəl

      Apollo went out to the east over Africa and the pacific ocean. It went right through the centre of the belt. It was only after it was pointed out about radiation in that route that they said they went over the north pole.

  • María Martínez
    María Martínez 4 il əvvəl

    In case someone wants to know *what are* the belts and *why* the Apollo could cross them...

  • Vareesh Ordo
    Vareesh Ordo 4 il əvvəl

    When he is talking about solving problems with the capsule he is talking about anything new to arise with the way its designed i.e. the types of shielding and/or, well, anything to do with the hull containing the electronic equipment and crew. Materials are the big thing. If they use the wrong ones the Van Allen belt can be very dangerous

  • michael granger
    michael granger 4 il əvvəl +8

    To me, the coolest thing about the Apollo moon missions wasn't that they got to or landed on the moon. It was the fact that on re-entry into the Earth atmosphere, the capsule speed was 28,000 mph, by far the fastest speed any man-carrying vehicle has ever travelled......and they always survived re-entry. That's about 7 miles per second folks!

    • Constantin Bella
      Constantin Bella 2 ay əvvəl

      @Vienna From all languages you chosed the truth language. You let him without arguments. They don't even think about vacum... They think space is like going 3 feet underwater. I can't even imagine how is possible that all that vacum doesn't suck evreything up. Because if you apply gravity and vacum you have a difference of pressure that should blow us like popcorn. Or if the gravity was true, the bigger mass would attract smaller mass so we wouldn't able even to walk.

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 4 ay əvvəl

      @Vienna You clearly know nothing of the Apollo program. Yes lowest bidders do win contracts. Sometimes though it's about who the gov thinks is the best fit for the job. In any case the majority of work involved many, many master craftsmen. Yes Master craftsmen still exists. But they are far few theses days. I never said those of the past were supieor in skill. Only in numbers.
      The lunar lander is meant for flight in space. Therefore flimsy is acceptable. Don't forget that it was pressurized. Which made it more rigid than not. The walls were indeed thin and yes, there was a risk of puncture. From inside and outside. An errant tool. Or a micrometeorite.
      If you traveled somewhere rather costly and hard to get to. Then made some discoveries. Or, had interesting findings. Why would anyone else make the same trip when they can just look at all the data you shared? Besides, going to the moon was about two cou tries waving thier dicks at each other. We won.
      Sorry that thier lack of professionalism isn't your vision of an astronaut. They all look silly because of the low frame rates to Conserve film. Since they had a finite number of film cartridges. That suit was many, layers. The outer layer was made of Teflon and itself was 17 layers. One of the other layers was fiberglass. And remember that suit was pressurized as, well. That was like wearing a balloon. All spacesuits, then and now, leak a little. Because of all the o-rings involved. All suits, then and now, are designed to reduce the problem shoukd a puncture acuur. Life support would crank up the oxygen long enough to get to safety. Yes there was a risk of tearing. But not a major risk. Here on AZ-clip look up AI enhanced Apollo moon mission videos. The AI masterfully creates the missing frames. The result is astoundingly beautiful going from 12fps to 60fps. What seemed flat before actually appears to have depth now too. The rover video is especially fantastic. I think it's a German page. Or perhaps Netherlands. I forget. I'm not talki g about the NASA restoration of the Apollo 11 videos.
      Regarding your opi ion of the footage, Reder back to my previous suggestion. The AI's sole purpose is to fill in the missing frames. Again, it looks, amazing.
      What is a radio wave? Light. How fast does light travel? 186,000 mph. The Nixon call was easy. Nixon calls Houston. They attach his phone to Capcom. The signal is sent via the Manned Space Flight Network. A series of huge ground station satellite dishes positioned arou D the world, used to send and recieve data during the moon missions. The CM receives the signal. Sends it to the LEM. then it goes through another radio and into each astronauts earpeice via the antenna on thier PLSS packs. Communication to Nixon went in the reverse.
      The television signal was sent to earth similarly. Except it wasn't a standard TV signal. The signal was converted to telemetry data. Received and converted to NTSC in real time at the ground station. Neither the radiation belts nor the ionosphere affect radio waves in the high frequency range. Hence why, I beleive, UHF radio was used. Again, light travels superfast. So 250,000 miles in space is nothing. It's not the volts that determines transmission distance. The coukd have designed it to use 5 volts and got the same result. Low power television stations transmit using 100v to 240v. Not 1,500,000. Currently, at the Johnson Space Center is a launch ready Saturn V except that it's stages are separated and on display. The rest of what we had was destroyed because the missions were over and technology moved on. When model T's became obsolete, eventually the manfacuring plants were reconfigured for modern vehicles and coukd not build Model T's if you wanted them to. The infrastructure to build an Maintain the Apollo vehicles was dismantled. Therefore, no way to build parts. Most of the parts, were not off the shelf parts. 100% if the Sat V blueprint are on microfilm(digitized by now) at two goverment agencies. Marshall Space Flight Center and the Federal Archives in East Point, GA. I've read that the LEM blueprints were auctioned off. But if not, they'd be there too. The still have intact but not operable the original mission control. Or at least some of it. The fact that they destroyed the now unnecessary technology is irrelevant to you. You'd still say you don't beleive even after seeing the left over museum peices. You can, today, go check out the various space centers, see what they do, and you'd still not beleive.
      I'm with you on the telemetry tapes. 700 boxes tapes for all the missions. Not only is it possible that the boxes were poorly marked. It's also due to the stupidity of those in charge. Think that since since the event was recorded around the world on film and by broadcasters. That retention of the originals wasn't a priority. Then an agency had a severe telemetry tape shortage. resulting in the likelyhood that the Apollo tapes were degaused and reused. A common procedure.
      NASA's budget for the entire Apollo program was roughly 24 billion. And it was the only program they had. Today NASA gets about 22 to 25 billion a year. A mere 1% of the governments total budget. And they have several programs. To do it again, in the same manner they did on the Apollo program. It ost far, far, more. Probably 5 fold.
      I think I've spelled out a few legit reasons why we haven't been back. They are discussing it seriously now as a mid point on the way to Mars, However. But beyond that. There is zero reason to go back.
      They didn't lie. You just have this rifi ulous distrust of government. Just like flerths and anti-vaxers. Hell, you are in bed with those nutballs too.

    • Vienna
      Vienna 4 ay əvvəl +1

      @Peter Harold Janak Jr You honestly sound like you have no idea what you are talking about. NASA vehicles are built by the lowest bidder, not ‘caring craftsmen who are superior to those that live today’. The lander looks incredibly flimsy, it’s not welded together well. Why has no other country put people on the moon? The astronauts are jumping around like idiots in that footage when one tear in their suit would KILL them. Even if you do not research this at all, anyone can look at that footage and tell it is fake. You seriously think they had the technology to broadcast live from the moon? And receive a phone call from Nixon from the moon? You think in the 60s they had the technology to send a signal across 250,000 miles of space vacuum, radiation belts, and the ionosphere? You need 1500000 volts to send a signal just a few miles and they had a 12 volt battery. That is beyond silly. Listen to what that Petit guy said ‘We no longer have that technology, we destroyed it, and it’s too painful to rebuild it.’ That is an insane sentence, when has that ever happened? When do you accomplish something incredible and erase all proof of it? One metric ton of telemetry data just vanishes, as well as the original film. Don’t you dare say it was cause of their budget, they got 22 billion in tax payer cash in 2020 alone, they are rolling in cash. There’s no legitimate reason in the world that no one would have been back to the moon since ‘72. They lied.

    • Peter Harold Janak Jr
      Peter Harold Janak Jr 4 ay əvvəl

      @Vienna While man can make brass. Brass is an alloy of Copper and zinc. Not usually found on earth. But it is found on the moon. Plus there are properties in the moon rock are both similar and disimilar to earth rocks.. Yes, the photos prove it 100%. The fact that several nations, including Russia tracked the missions with satellites from beginning to end. The various films of them on the moon prove 1/6th gravity. For example A car moving at 10 miles an hour could never kick up the dust like the moon rover did. Plus the rooster tails with no atmospheric disturbance couldn't happen on earth. Giant" vacuum chamber perhaps? A vacuum has no air. Gravity is still present. The rooster tails would never reach the height that they do in the films.

    • Vienna
      Vienna 4 ay əvvəl

      @Peter Harold Janak Jr az-clip.com/video/U5Hmjklmy6o/video.html

  • Underbottom Sandydown
    Underbottom Sandydown 3 il əvvəl +6

    Apollo's only defense against the radiation belt was limiting it's exposure time through speed, though it was effective in the short term for those particular missions it remains to be more minimizing and avoiding the hazard rather than nullifying it.
    What seemed clearly stated in the video was in regards to the testing of modern shielding to make the craft SAFE for humans to travel through the Van Alden belt and not just punching through it hoping for the best. Which makes sense if we'd be taking Orion to asteroids and Mars because occupants would be exposed to the radiation in space for more time.
    It's like seat belts; not necessary to drive but they make the task safer and therefor cheaper in the long run.
    The title to the video is misleading.

    • Underbottom Sandydown
      Underbottom Sandydown 3 il əvvəl +5

      @Seb Menard They repeated both moon missions and seat belt laws. The title of your video is misleading.

    • Seb Menard
      Seb Menard  3 il əvvəl +4

      problem is, they never even repeated that either LOL

  • Matthew King
    Matthew King 5 il əvvəl +1

    he didnt say that at all. keep in mind we have extremely high expectations for the saftey of or astronauts. and the van allen belt isnt a sphere around earth its held together from earths magnetic field and the strongest radiation is not constent throughout the belts.

    • zmc33
      zmc33 2 ay əvvəl

      5:12. your answer.

    • Damian Dmb
      Damian Dmb 8 ay əvvəl +1

      Yeah, they used simple metals in the 60's and today we have lighter and stronger metals.......sheeps gonna sheep

  • Dajore Taylor
    Dajore Taylor 5 il əvvəl +2

    Also for the people that said we took a different and less direct path with the Apollo missions
    Okay, well disregarding the fact they might want to make a quicker path
    If we want to study the moon and space so bad. Why wouldn't they take the easiest way there
    While also trying to find a quicker, yes sometimes doing two things at once is hard
    But this is split between a team not one person so it's not really multitasking, and you already know how to do one the two
    But yet, we've never been back to the moon. And we're struggling to break the asteroid belt
    That sounds like for one you've never actually been. And two if we found a way back in the day with less technology
    But now with more sophisticated technology, we can't go back?
    That's sounds like an excuse, and also sounds like we've never actually been to the moon
    They just lied, to get the masses to believe what ever they say. And to win the space race, and get the rest of the world to believe them
    Except Russia, why is that. Maybe because they know america has never been to the moon and they just lied
    How are we getting to mars and plan to make a civilization on mars. Which is past the moon
    If we can't even send people into outer space, it makes no freaking sense
    And they have all you know it alls lost. They have y'all so wrapped up in their hand and their little game
    And believing whatever they say, you don't believe yourselves. You look to people in higher authorities and books
    To help you learn how to live your life, everything you know is what they've told you. Or have written in a book for you to read, and make you believe that you learned the deal yourselves newflash you haven't
    You're just as lost and confused and searching for answer just like the rest of us. If you can believe wholeheartedly what a man in a suit with a good vocabulary has to say
    Why is the very idea of a God even just existing. Such a treacherous thing to believe in
    Because your lost, your so very lost and you don't even know
    You been lying to yourself so much, you actually believe it
    And also all this deal happening now a days, space, people whatever
    Has already been spoken about. By the very God you so desperately refuse to believe in
    And not even because it's how you feel, but how you were made to feel

  • movax20h
    movax20h 4 il əvvəl

    You cann't use the exactly same sheilding as in Apollo mission. Multiple reasons: 1) Space craft has completely different dimensions and geometry. It is also bigger. 2) Electronics with in is much more sophisticated and prone to radiation due to use of modern and very small circuits in memory and CPUs. 3) If we plan to send astronauts for longer missions, we do not want to expose them to a risk of exposure. The Apollo astronauts were at high risk, but they got lucky. We just want to ensure higher safety, and prepare for missions to Mars in the future. 4) We want to make design BETTER than from Apollo missions, mostly to make it lighter, more modular, more robust and cheaper, that requires exploring dozens if not houndreths of possibilities, simulating, and TESTING them in real conditions. 5) Solving a problem doesn't require forgeting all past expiriences and starting from scratch. Quite the contrary it builds uppon expiriences, failures and successes.
    Lets say you want to build a new type of Formula 1 car, that is faster and has different performance and geometry. Would an engineer saying, "With this new type of car we need to solve various traction and aerodynamic problems we face, and need to find a wheel design that ensures it works.". Then you saying, just use a wheel from my bike! It is already invented tech, why would you invent it again. Or use one from a previous Formula 1 cars. If you cann't, that means there was no F1 cars before in the first place, and it is all fake!".
    Get your shit together.

  • H. de Jong
    H. de Jong 3 ay əvvəl

    We figured out how to get through the van Allen belts in 1958. For radiation, there are 2 important variables:
    1. the radiation intensity
    2. the amount of time you are exposed to this intensity.
    You can multiply these two and get the total radiation dose. Humans die if they receive a dose of about 300 Rad.
    In 1958, James van Allen and his team at the University of Iowa discovered the belts that were later named after him, using measurements from the NASA missions Explorer 1. With Explorer 3 and 4 and Pioneer 3 he measured the radiation intensity. This is what he found: in the part of the belt where the intensity is highest, it is high enough that if you stay for about a week (inside an Apollo command module), you receive a lethal dose. So for the Apollo missions, the trajectory was designed to minimize the amount of time spent there. The Apollo astronauts flew through the belts in about 3 hours, while avoiding the part with the highest levels entirely. The hull thickness of the CSM was more than enough to reduce the radiation level inside to manageable levels.
    Astronauts' overall exposure was actually dominated by solar particles once outside Earth's magnetic field. The total radiation received by the astronauts varied from mission-to-mission but was measured to be between 0.16 and 1.14 rads (1.6 and 11.4 mGy).
    More details in this video from Scott Manley: az-clip.com/video/h9YN50xXFJY/video.html

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H 11 ay əvvəl

    i dont think that was an admission that we cant, like he could have said we need to put the engine on the rocket before we launch, and that sentence would still make sense if he said it after the engine was on and rocket had launched. i think he was more explaining the steps they had already gone thrue.

  • Insight Of the ages
    Insight Of the ages 5 il əvvəl

    More advanced electronics are more susceptible to radiation damage than the clunky yet robust old school electronics... Why we need even more shielding.

  • Steven Sharples
    Steven Sharples 4 il əvvəl +1

    ? 😟 So, I’m really confused. With 1960’s tech, we sent a manned mission to the moon, but today we’re still trying to put men in space?

  • Chris Kayman
    Chris Kayman 4 il əvvəl

    I think there is room for both parties. People who don't believe we ever landed on the moon and people who do. Now if we never landed there, building technology to now land on the moon would be impressive. It would be a huge feat.

  • Slartybarfast B
    Slartybarfast B 4 il əvvəl +1

    Boeing has built airplanes before the Dreamliner so why test the Dreamliner? Just because Apollo went through the Van Allen Belts doesn't mean you want to send Orion through them without testing first. This was clickbait. The engineer didn't say they can't pass through the belts. He didn't say they haven't before. He said they need to test Orion's ability to safely do so.

  • Bryce Davis
    Bryce Davis 10 ay əvvəl +2

    This is because leaving the van allen belt would mean leaving the matrix. You would enter 5D instantaneously, and it would be very overwhelming.

  • csabb50
    csabb50 4 il əvvəl

    So if they can't get through the Van Allen belts, how did they get to the moon? With 50 something year old technology might I add. That's like saying I can travel across the country in a 1960 Ford anything but can do it in a car made in 2018. They could do it in something that look like the parts came from Walmart, but not with a trillion dollar rocket, ok.

  • Dr Gunsmith
    Dr Gunsmith 4 il əvvəl +30

    And here’s me thinking they sorted all this out in the Apollo days, makes you think 🤔 🚀 🌓🌍?

    • Mark Cuckerberg
      Mark Cuckerberg 8 ay əvvəl

      We never went to the fucking moon, people...here's all the evidence you need

    • Niall Hosking
      Niall Hosking Il əvvəl +2

      And now, post Challenger and Columbia, they are making damn sure it's safe. Plus this piece was obviously made dramatic.

    • Joe H
      Joe H Il əvvəl +1

      @Stan Grabowski Hahahahahahahahahaha

    • Stan Grabowski
      Stan Grabowski Il əvvəl +1

      They have microchips now which are affected by radiation. Computer chips need to be shielded and have more error checking built in. They didn't have microchips in the 60s. Their computers didn't have small components that could easily have a bit of data error out by being hit by radiation. Different tech that is more delicate now. That's what the difference is. If you actually did some research you'd all learn that.

    • Advised Potato
      Advised Potato 2 il əvvəl +1

      Dr Gunsmith the difference is now they have to do it on less then third of the budget

  • StickyRice
    StickyRice 4 il əvvəl +2

    He said they were testing a new shuttle not that we can't go through the belt

  • Helmi Saari
    Helmi Saari 3 il əvvəl +1

    For those who cannot see the thru there is nothing we can do about it and let them be.

  • Alex Vela
    Alex Vela 4 il əvvəl +230

    “Sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientist to study, we must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”

    • Think Man
      Think Man Il əvvəl

      @Craig Thompson we must solve this problem... Explain that. You don't solve a problem each time you build something.

    • Vessels for Honor
      Vessels for Honor 3 il əvvəl

      the *unsolved* "challenge" is that ~ "radiation like this could harm the electronics"

    • Cajon Jackie
      Cajon Jackie 3 il əvvəl

      @Patrick Baitman C C Signor? K?

    • Cajon Jackie
      Cajon Jackie 3 il əvvəl

      @Based Bear If anyone here believes that "Ass Clown john" believes a single word of what he types (Other than different ass clowns) then please, let me know what your reasoning is.
      Till then, for you who may not know (the very youthful, the mentally impaired, the totally obtuse, the fucking stupid) Jack-ass John writes what he does to get the attention from the Web he never got from his parents. Were you walking in front of his home (Mommies home) as he typed his Bovine spongiform encephalopathy induced insanity, you'd hear john from the street, in a whining, infantile plaint, crying "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME............please ='(

    • Masi Malua
      Masi Malua 3 il əvvəl +2

      @Cajon Jackie youll find out when that sky opens up and the creator establishes his government on earth lol not long to go bro

  • Paul Langford
    Paul Langford 5 il əvvəl

    How is it that there are people who interpret "difficult" as "impossible", and that this is "proof" that something well-documented never happened? Electronic equipment (aka satellites) are also sensitive to radiation, but there are an awful lot of Sky TV subscribers that are quite happy with the "impossible" satellites that spend decades at 42,000 km, well within the supposed Van Allen"death zone" that extends from 500 to 58,000 km.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 il əvvəl +16

    Someone should put this video next to the one where they have a press conference about landing rovers on mars.

    • TumarBongROX
      TumarBongROX Il əvvəl +4

      ....Or the PRESS CONFERENCE where the astronauts are LYING to reporters!!
      Its *OBVIOUS* they are lying!!

  • Jess Whallon
    Jess Whallon 4 il əvvəl

    The rocket technology looks like it's being constructed with the intent of minimizing risk but this also minimizes the chance of learning anything new. If we are not going into a new era of space flight with clear goals to progress the technology it's a waste of time.

  • Michael Pounds
    Michael Pounds 5 il əvvəl

    I don't. Want to get into a debate on this but the computers they had on the Apollo missions was not really a computer rather switches. A solar powered calculator has more computer power than what they had. They are checking the new technology that is going to be used for the mission. The Apollo crew was well protected from the radiation back then.

  • Robert Benoit
    Robert Benoit 5 il əvvəl +1

    it was easy back in the 60's because the Apollo program, the craft used a very basic computer that was for nothing more than guidance. Today's computers and sensors that are on the orion space craft are much more advanced, and more sensitive to radiation. OH by the way the moon is not outside the Van Allen belts. The belt is massive.

  • Daniel Buonsanto
    Daniel Buonsanto 4 il əvvəl +2

    We never went to the moon. That's why. We've all been lied to.

    • zdcyclops1 lickley
      zdcyclops1 lickley 3 il əvvəl

      Daniel Buonsanto if you were not an American citizen during the Apollo program then you are not a part of We. Sucks to be a foreigner.

  • Tim Rohrbach
    Tim Rohrbach 4 il əvvəl +1

    Do we not have cameras and sound stages to just film all of this stuff on? I mean, why do we have to waste real money to try and actually do it? We were so much smarter back in the 1960's! My motto - Save Money Fake Space

  • stuff & more stuff
    stuff & more stuff 5 il əvvəl +2

    Um dude when did they "admit" that he just said the radiation is deadly so they used shielding

  • T Green
    T Green 5 il əvvəl

    When you consider that all proposed space missions are based! Or to use a well worn phrase. Future programes stand upon the success of past achievements. Much of what Kelly Smith said contradicts what has supposed to have been achieved way back in the 1960's. I am surprised that such information like the acknowledgement that the Vanalum belts actually exist, has been even ventured, when there has been from interviewed Appollo asrobsughts conflicting Information that has been recorded live! As to their strength of radiation and their very existence. Eevry Time the Appollo missions came back to our planet they had to re-enter the earth's atmosphere and yet they need more sophisticated heat shielding? Than that used again back in the 1960's. Whatever side of the line you stand you cannot help but wonder if mankind really did go to the moon?

  • Roverson Melo
    Roverson Melo 5 il əvvəl +1

    I never understood those blackouts in communication. Pretty sure by now there would be an array of orbiting satellites to take care of that.

  • OnePlus Seventy
    OnePlus Seventy 11 ay əvvəl

    Great! So once we'll be able to fly through the Van Allen belt, we might even land on the moon some day! 😀Keep it up! Who knows what next?? mars?? Electric cars?? IPhones? 🤩🤩

  • xaph aniel
    xaph aniel 5 il əvvəl

    If it's a prototype the testing from previous flights will be pertinent but they won't take a chance of anything happening to astranoughts so 're flying through danger zones they would want to make sure nothing would happen to anyone

  • Name Cannot Be Blank
    Name Cannot Be Blank 3 il əvvəl

    They destroyed the technology they used to go to the Moon! And it's a painful process to get back..... In 2016.
    There's a video with Don Tippett explaining that...

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 3 il əvvəl +2

      Don Pettit.
      And he's talking about the hardware and infrastructure, not the knowledge.
      The Apollo program cost us $150B in today's dollars.
      We're redeveloping the capacity with the SLS and Orion, and we've already committed >$25B to that project. That's a lot of money for an organization that gets $20B a year, and has many other expensive projects ongoing, like the iSS, which has also cost the US around $150B, or the JWST which is looking like it's going to cost $10B at this point.

  • John Morrill
    John Morrill 4 il əvvəl +1

    The problem isn't that the Van Allen Belt is worse or never before breached. It's that the spacecraft of today have WAY more electronics of a vastly different variety than the computers aboard Apollo.

  • Anything Under The Sun
    Anything Under The Sun 3 il əvvəl +14

    "we must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space"
    Haven't they solved it years ago when they sent people to the moon? or did they?

    • zmc33
      zmc33 2 ay əvvəl

      @zdcyclops1 lickley no. 5:12

    • Maison.Clemens
      Maison.Clemens Il əvvəl

      @Low Spec Crap PC you saying “please stop being stupid” is quite literally saying he’s wrong

    • Maison.Clemens
      Maison.Clemens Il əvvəl

      @Low Spec Crap PC he’s not he’s right? Lmfao tell me how he’s wrong, people like you make me sad for this generation

    • Ah Dexter
      Ah Dexter Il əvvəl

      @Profe Reto exactly shit common sense that’s why they are mad and try and call us dumb. Liiike ok

    • Profe Reto
      Profe Reto 2 il əvvəl +4

      wtf is wrong with you?
      refer to a single technology from the 60ies which is still in use without a single change or improvement. name one.
      telephones? nope, huuuge improvements there.
      TV? nope, gigantic improvements
      Car savety features? seat belts and airbags, among other features like car design.
      Air planes? huuuge improvements there too.
      so why don’t they reproduce the saturn V rocket and apollo modules?
      well, for the same reason we dont build any of the above technologies; they are completely outdated.
      this is common sense... try harder, conspiraceeh nut

  • gary poinsett
    gary poinsett 2 il əvvəl +2

    Also... in no shape or form did he say 'we cant make it passed the van Allen belt'

    • Stan Grabowski
      Stan Grabowski Il əvvəl +1

      Exactly... Flat earthers have to take things out of context, and twist things to fit their tinfoil hat ideas.

  • Good Listener
    Good Listener 4 il əvvəl +1

    I’m glad someone finally spoke out the truth

  • Wodonga Life
    Wodonga Life 4 il əvvəl

    What I find most interesting, is at 3600 miles the radiation is so severe that they need to test it. Safety first hey? They’ve apparently done it in 1969 when they went to the moon... think about that for a minute...

  • Mickey Bitsko
    Mickey Bitsko 4 il əvvəl

    In case anyone is curious, here is how NASA dealt with the Van Allen radiation during the Apollo missions, and how they'll deal with it again.
    It's not difficult.
    Short answer: It's easy to shield against since it's not X-rays or Gammas. It's charged particles. And they simply chose not to fly through the areas of high radiation. They went AROUND them.

  • Sling Driver
    Sling Driver 5 il əvvəl +3

    The bigger problem is: What do navigation jets do in a complete vacuum?

  • Johan Fehr
    Johan Fehr 4 il əvvəl +3

    He not once said that we can’t go through!! He said we have to pass through twice

  • Steve Mumbling
    Steve Mumbling 3 il əvvəl

    No, he didn't. He was talking specifically about the Orion vehicle. If you were designing a new aircraft today you wouldn't just get some plans from the 60's and build a Boeing 707 would you. Orion is made from 21st century composite materials so they need to record the radiation levels inside the vehicle to see whether it's resistant enough to allow the crew and the 21st century electronics (which are far more sensitive to induced voltages from electromagnetic radiation than the old gear from the 60's) to be sufficiently protected. If it isn't they'll just modify it until it is, that's engineering. Apollo was old technology... all aluminium and titanium, it would have offered the crew and systems the required protection, but it's had its day. It's time to move on.

  • Lv J
    Lv J 4 il əvvəl +206

    Way safer in the 60s... when they didn't need to pass through the Van Allen Belts on their way to the studio.

    • Niggleblade
      Niggleblade 14 gün əvvəl


    • Jarod Davis
      Jarod Davis 23 gün əvvəl

      Bro I love my AZ-clip family y’all are seriously hilarious man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Adam Nordin
      Adam Nordin Ay əvvəl +1

      Lol 4 real

    • danny davideos
      danny davideos Ay əvvəl +1

      They literally say they “lost” the technology

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle 2 ay əvvəl +1

      Lmao exactly 😂

  • Radu Ghita
    Radu Ghita 5 il əvvəl +1

    On Apollo they kinda gone around the belts, not totally around but through the weeker parts and the’ve only been exposed 8 hours in total. Let’s not forget the Apollo’s aluminium skin
    Edit: I forgot to say that since then the belts have exponentially grown...

    • killerspyder1
      killerspyder1 4 ay əvvəl

      Because those same people said that they are growing, right?

  • K C
    K C 4 il əvvəl +2

    nteresting how we're able to get this advanced in space travel, yet NASA (and other private enterprises) have no problem spending billions of dollars for space exploration before addressing other problems on our planet first - such as disease and starvation, for example.

    • mmarke
      mmarke 4 il əvvəl

      K C dude there are other companies working on disease like the WHO, it's also illegal to feed the poor, they have to work for themselves.

  • Adam Dombrowski
    Adam Dombrowski 5 il əvvəl +1

    All I'm saying is with as many problems this guy just threw at us it's even more hard to believe we went to the fucking moon!

    SDG SDG 4 il əvvəl +2

    No matter what you believe, this an odd video. It does make you feel that all of thisnis the first time, etc. Also, the return capsule is the same one, in appearance, as they used 50 years ago. The space shuttle used to come and go, and its heat shields worked, right? Just doesnt make sense.

    • SDG SDG
      SDG SDG 4 il əvvəl

      zdcyclops1 could not be more limited than rocket that shoots a little pod into space, with just enough power to do a few rocket blasts for momentum.

    • Milo DH
      Milo DH 4 il əvvəl +1

      SD Land also look up a comparison of the Orion and Apollo capsules, they look similar but not the same (I think Orion's is bigger for a start); one reason they look similar is that the conical shape is a very good design, aerodynamic for takeoff but highly air-resistive for landing.

    • Milo DH
      Milo DH 4 il əvvəl +2

      SD Land in some respects they do have to start again, imagine going from an old car from the 70s to an expensive modern one, you have to relearn everything about it but the basics. Yeah you can drive it but you wouldn't know how it handles rain, snow etc nor know what anything in the car could do.
      It's similar with Orion, yeah they've been through the van Allan belts before but they did it by going through the thinnest, weakest, bits to minimise exposure (a trick I suspect they'll use again). This video isn't about how humans can take the radiation, it's about how the delicate state-of-the-art computers in the spacecraft can take it

    • Blake B
      Blake B 4 il əvvəl +2

      You mean they actually TEST new technology before putting human lives on the line?!? No way!*
      *You're a disgustingly stupid moron.

  • Henry Ruxton
    Henry Ruxton 3 il əvvəl

    All you conspiracy theorists do realize that you can just copy the same build data from previous designs right? Just like a new model of car each spacecraft is different. Different materials are used etc. You gotta test things to make sure they work the way they should, this doesnt at all say that the moon landing was faked. In fact it's far from it, he quite literally just explained that there are obstacles that need to be overcome with each build. Hence the reason he said they were sending it up unmanned first. Seriously, a 4 yr old could work that out

  • retikulum
    retikulum 3 il əvvəl

    You guys know, that this is about Orion spaceship? Of course they have to solve the radiation problem with this ship too, this will be unhealthy otherwise ;-)

  • Vienna
    Vienna 3 ay əvvəl +4

    My favorite part of the apollo missions was when Nixon picked up some goofy phone and acted like he was having a live conversation with astronauts on the surface of the moon. Super hilarious. How do people believe this stuff.

    • TMRV
      TMRV Ay əvvəl

      @Xernive What about those 3 reasons didn't age well? What could "not age well" about facts from the past?
      Why is Artemis a joke?

    • Xernive
      Xernive Ay əvvəl

      @TMRV No, was referring to the three reasons you listed. Also artemis or any other relative projects are a joke, so I'm not even inclined to mention those subjects.

    • TMRV
      TMRV Ay əvvəl

      @Xernive Why? Because they didn't lauch a system with leaks?

    • Xernive
      Xernive Ay əvvəl

      @TMRV This didn't age well at all.

    • TMRV
      TMRV 2 ay əvvəl

      @Vienna MONEY!!!!!! The russians chose to not go to the moon but build a first "permanent" space station in orbit: MIR. They chose wisely even though you don't understand.

  • xeroone1
    xeroone1 4 il əvvəl

    It’s disappointing to see NASA use the same wasteful, expensive system that sent men to the moon.

  • Robert Strandberg
    Robert Strandberg 3 il əvvəl +60

    Ofcourse you went to the moon. Nixon even called the astronauts!

    • Stan Grabowski
      Stan Grabowski Il əvvəl

      @Joseph Villines None of your topics came from anyone credible but your own strawman drivel. "They only had shortwave"... 😂🤣 What utter nonsense.

    • Joseph Villines
      Joseph Villines Il əvvəl

      @Stan Grabowski you're the only one thats mentioned flat Earth..and all of my topic points came from your own psudoe scientists ..so how about coming with more bullshit so I can debunk instead of trolling me

    • Stan Grabowski
      Stan Grabowski Il əvvəl

      @Joseph Villines You're wrong because you're lying. Or you just bought into some con man's nonsense. Either way, the common denominator is you and how wrong you are.
      Still waiting on a working flat earth map. One with a scale. Wonder why all you woke Flatopians can't provide one...

    • Joseph Villines
      Joseph Villines Il əvvəl

      Lmao im 9nly telling you what they said in their documents that were hidden away and finally that most the ppl are dead from that time they decided to free these reports ...so if im wrong the same ppl you saying are right are wrong to cause my whole covo is based off their own facts...stop taking the things they say at face value ....they are known proven liars ..everyone knows this its no secret...

    • Joseph Villines
      Joseph Villines Il əvvəl

      @Stan Grabowski dude I know they were but again how are these frequencies going thru something that's known for blocking out frequencies ....earth has an enegergetic field that's bends frequencies ...light etc.....and you expect me to believe that lying nasa was able to send radio to space even tho operation fishbowl years earlier proved that their was an impenetrable force stopping the nukes from elevating .....lol....what a joke ....use the little commonsense you have ND think ...they gave you all the answers and you're to dumb ro put 2 n 2 together

  • The Student Official
    The Student Official 4 il əvvəl +2

    Of course when you find a big rock you went around it
    *If you don't understand we didn't went through VAB we just turn around and didn't touch it. It's a belt, a two dimensional circle. it's like jumping over a fence instead of breaking trough it.

    • zeph0shade
      zeph0shade 4 il əvvəl

      Then... you're welcome? :P

    • zeph0shade
      zeph0shade 4 il əvvəl +1


    • zeph0shade
      zeph0shade 4 il əvvəl

      Ok, yes it's true that it's possible to go "around" the Van Allen Belts, in that they're the strongest around the equator and the weakest by the poles, but you have to understand a little about how orbits work. When your destination requires you to launch your ship in an orbit that's roughly around the equator, it would take a gigantic amount of resources and effort to alter that orbit enough to go "around" the belts before correcting the course to line up with your destination again.
      Space travel is all about efficiency, and even when everything is as efficient as possible it's hugely expensive. The only option we have is figuring out ways of safely "breaking through the fence" instead of "jumping over it."

  • Cole Oshtamebaghe
    Cole Oshtamebaghe 4 il əvvəl

    This looks eerily like the Apollo missions.

  • Star Light
    Star Light 3 il əvvəl +1

    When I astral traveled, I saw a thick glass like thing. It looked like nothing could come in or out. I don't see how they can break through that and, is it keeping us alive?

    • Pentagrammon
      Pentagrammon Ay əvvəl

      Research Project Stargate with the CIA documents.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 3 il əvvəl +2

      In summary, you hallucinated something stupid and didn't clue in that hallucinations are not accurate.
      The concept of astral projection has been scientifically studied. It's not real.

  • Manuel Lopez dias
    Manuel Lopez dias 4 il əvvəl

    Did anybody see the rocket fly past the moon? Right after the rocket launched!

  • Josh Marcum
    Josh Marcum 4 il əvvəl +1

    Going into space is a strange idea

  • Paul Paulson
    Paul Paulson 4 il əvvəl +11

    I give Andy Samberg credit for pulling off this serious role. His range as an actor is strong.

  • Jeff Moden
    Jeff Moden Il əvvəl +1

    They ARE using the old technology along with a mix of new technology. And Kelly Smith never said they didn't go through the Van Allen belts... he's saying that would be a definite showstopper if they couldn't. The reason why they're testing like this is because they test every new vehicle that's going to carry humans like this. If you look at the results and the end of the flick, the test was a success. As Von Braun is quoted as saying, "One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions". I don't know how you could come to the conclusion that we never made it through the VAN Allen belts before, especially by watching this flick.

    • Hubertoser
      Hubertoser 5 ay əvvəl

      They send modern tech in space all day long.. last one was the new space telescope. Rovers and the flying shoebox on mars.. are you ignoring you smell bullshit?

  • Meryl Smith
    Meryl Smith Il əvvəl

    tfw the state of moon hoax theories is so sadly desperate that you legitimately cant tell if this is satire or not

  • Tinmania
    Tinmania 4 il əvvəl +1

    If we’ve already been to the moon and went through the van allen belt, why do we have to solve that problem again? Why do we need all this testing? it should be old hap! Weren’t these problems supposed to have already been solved.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 4 il əvvəl +2

      @Tinmania That's about halfway correct. There are two ways they fight this: hardening and redundancy. Hardening is making the electronics better protected, and redundancy is them basically having multiple systems so that even if one fails they can keep going. Planes have similar redundancy built in.

    • Tinmania
      Tinmania 4 il əvvəl

      seigeengine now that you mention it I remember my son telling me something about the computers and or the software experiencing glitches because of the radiation and I think he said they were trying to fix the problem by some sort of redundancy to be sure of some degree of reliability. Is that about right?

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 4 il əvvəl +2

      ​@Tinmania Also, modern electronics are much smaller, so they're more vulnerable to radiation. We didn't really need to worry about this in the apollo era since the massive computers weren't really vulnerable to radiation in the same way.

    • Jan Strzelecki
      Jan Strzelecki 4 il əvvəl

      That's fine - I'm sure there are things you're an expert at, unlike me ☺ In any case, the important thing is to ask questions, and not assume too much ☺

    • Tinmania
      Tinmania 4 il əvvəl +1

      Thanks for pointing that out. My son would have but he’s not here 😏 actually he worked on some software for nasa. He’s smart, me, not so much

  • Pradeep Verlekar
    Pradeep Verlekar 3 il əvvəl +1

    No one's ever been to space or left low Earth orbit. Don't think with better CGI and effects means we can orbit earth we can't.
    The earth is a closed system.

  • Goran Svraka
    Goran Svraka 4 il əvvəl

    Wait a minute how did you manage to go to the moon if you are only now testing for radiation? Please explain?

  • Bryan Dott
    Bryan Dott 4 il əvvəl

    I heard it cost 1 billion dollars to launch the rocket into the atmosphere while space X heavy falcon costs $90 million

    • Advised Potato
      Advised Potato 2 il əvvəl

      Bryan Dott you “ heard “ but where are your sources? :)

  • contrast og
    contrast og 4 ay əvvəl

    so to completely disprove what you said in the description. They are building a new rocket and trying to update and enlarge the ship there for they haven't flown Orion yet and tested anything its not that we cant its that we have to test the ship before we try and make sure its capable your not understanding it properly.

  • James Dunn
    James Dunn 3 il əvvəl +1

    Why so much trouble? Didn’t we do this in 1969 with 33 kilobytes 🤔

    • Stan Grabowski
      Stan Grabowski Il əvvəl

      Computers didn't have microchips back then. Microchips can easily be messed up by radiation due to their low voltage usage and size. 60s computers didn't have that problem. Their circuits weren't running one electron though them like modern ones do. He specifically says the problem is with protecting guidance and systems like that. Things that are vital to the craft working and rely heavily on modern computer tech. We're not using 60s tech anymore. We just have to make sure there is redundancy, error checking and shielding. That's what is being done.

  • BrushyMtnGolfer
    BrushyMtnGolfer 3 il əvvəl

    Good thing those Apollo capsules didn't have to get to 4000 degrees when they re-entered earth's atmosphere or that tin would have melted. You would think something 4000 degrees might leave a little steam when it hits the ocean waters.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 3 il əvvəl +1

      The apollo capsules also had ablative heat shields, and likely would have been quite hot on hitting the water. Not sure what your point is.

  • Unused Account Do Not Reply

    That was not him "admitting" that we can't go through the Van Allen belt. It was just him saying that that they will test the radiation shielding. Because ever heard of "innovation"?

    • Advised Potato
      Advised Potato 2 il əvvəl

      Joe S. They passed an unmanned capsule use your common sense dumbass

    • Joe S.
      Joe S. 4 il əvvəl

      How did they test the shielding on the Apollo Einstein?

  • aspiring programmer
    aspiring programmer 3 il əvvəl +52

    Don't worry with this van allen belt,we did it once and we can do it again right?????

    • aspiring programmer
      aspiring programmer Il əvvəl +1

      @Nes M and yes,when you go to space you left the earth,but probably you belong to the flat earth cult,in that case I will not waste my time trying to prove you the obvious.

    • aspiring programmer
      aspiring programmer Il əvvəl +1

      @Nes M I know I never did as I didn't say "I did",don't know if you get it,when I say "we" I mean "human species",and it is perfectly fine too use this pronoun in this case.
      And even though I know or at least I believe humanity have never been into the moon,I do believe one day we will be capable of doing so because there is no place we can't go if we evolve our technology,there are no limits when it comes to distance,as long as we have the right technology.
      Before they invented planes and helicopters it was believed to be impossible because such thing could not exist,if we showed this people the engineer of a freaking plane they would say that is magic,but it's not,it's science.
      Don't know if you heard of the "worm hole theory" that says that you can "distorce" the universe in order to go in any where in the universe faster,and this can be proven true as our main star that shine our would distorce the space making our planet go around the sun's orbit.
      So if you gonna talk to someone as if you are some type of "know at all" guy,then at least have a minimum interpretation knowledge so you can understand the message people are trying to pass to one another.

    • Wily Pena
      Wily Pena Il əvvəl

      I thought you couldn’t tell a lie George.

    • Benji Albert
      Benji Albert Il əvvəl

      @scoolzdevries absolutely 💯 my friend, you to have common sence.
      There's so much information out there these days proving the moon landing was faked, but people will argue to the death it was real🤣 i knocked out my best m8 to prove gravity doesn't exist, he was already standing, so a left rip shot n a fuckin stiff right cross to his jaw and he went down like a bag of shit. Just to show him gravity never pulled him down but my my fist to his jaw was responsible.
      We weren't friends for a long time but he now admits it wasn't gravity that made him fall n realised it was his mouth that was responsible 🤙

    • Benji Albert
      Benji Albert Il əvvəl

      @George Washington 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Plasminium
    Plasminium 5 il əvvəl

    NASA: Parachutes are important to the safety of the crew, th-

  • Jesse Reiter
    Jesse Reiter 4 il əvvəl

    it's primary radiation protection is a rotating magnetic field housed in a plastic device that circles the spacecraft ever few seconds. Apollo flimed there's in the 1960sù

  • Matthew
    Matthew Il əvvəl

    It’s amazing we are still needing parachutes

  • Sir_Bumblethump
    Sir_Bumblethump 3 il əvvəl

    Video Title: NASA engineer admits they can't get past the Van Allen belts
    NASA Engineer: we are sending this new spacecraft through the Van Allen Belts to test the amount of radiation it absorbs, so we can see if it is safe.
    Ah, the irony. Some people are stupid.