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NBA Legends And Players Explain Why Michael Jordan Would Destroy Today's NBA

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  • NBA Legends And Players Explain Why Michael Jordan Would Destroy Today's NBA
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  • P7 2017
    P7 2017  +9

    The story goes that the reporter asked Jordan how he thought the "Jordan Bulls' would do against lebron's team. He replied "we'd lose by 3'. When the reporter said that was a pretty specific number, Jordan replied 'Yeah, but we're all in our 50s now".

  • Abe Bagota
    Abe Bagota  +328

    The thing about Jordan was that his dominance wasn't just physical - he was also completely mentally dominant over his peers. When Larry Bird was asked to build the perfect basketball player, the trait he took from Jordan was not his athleticism, it was his competitiveness. To have sport's best athlete also be its most fierce competitor is truly a rare and special thing.

  • Ronald Ames

    "Michael Jordan would average whatever he wanted to average" - Mark Jackson. Nailed it.

  • Petar Miskovic

    As an oldhead, it's hard not to be looked at like we're just gatekeeping our generation, and I get that, but trust me, MJ was just different. Everyone gets called 'different' nowadays, but MJ was genuinely something out of this world.

  • TheDavinci314

    What a lot of young bucks don't understand about MJ is that he was playing every minute of every game like it was a do or die moment in a game 7 finals. The amount of effort he put in at all times (offense and defense) was amazing. The tempo and ferocity MJ played at dwarfs players like Lebron and others. Lebron doesn't go 150% every single moment of a game like MJ did. There's times when Lebron is busy whining to the refs while the game is still going on. Meanwhile his teammates are down a player because he's busy whining. MJ never did that.

  • emptyhand777

    I was never a big Jordan fan back when he was playing.

  • DK
    DK  +1

    What a lot of these guys (saying Jordan wasn't the Goat) are missing is game pace. When Jordan played, the game was more of a defensive grind. Zones were legal via creating rotational defenses. There was no defensive 3-second rule. Hand checking was legal. Much more physical, and thus teams took longer to get clean looks. The pace of the 90s NBA was about 95 possessions a game per team. They especially tried to slow Jordan's Bulls down where some of their seasons had only 91 - 93 possessions per game.

  • Alamo James

    The pace of the game in the ‘80s was pretty quick, too. The focus on halfcourt, slow-it-down offense was what transpired in the ‘90s. The major difference now is that it’s all dunks and 3s. In the ‘80s, it was mostly 17 feet on it to the post game, plus the occasional 3. If MJ was averaging 37 w a lack of 3s, he’d probably get closer to 42 or 43 with more 3s in the mix. The thing that made MJ a better perimeter shooter was the advent of the Triangle Offense. You could see early implementations of it in 1988-89, but it went into full force the following season.

  • Faustino Figueroa 3

    Born and raised in Cali, my Warriors were not on TV much growing up in the 80's and 90's, so i watched and began a fan of the bulls. Thank you WGN for broadcasting their games all the time. I mean, I even had my parents watching him play. His best quote was when they asked him about why he plays so hard every game. MJ's response: there are people that work really hard to be able to buy a ticket to watch me play. it could be the only time they ever get too, so it is not fair for me to go out and not play my hardest. That is just a different mindset then any other pro player.

  • Texas Rick
    Texas Rick 12 saat əvvəl +2

    Anyone who actually watched Jordan in real time, knows he was the most amazing player who ever stepped on a basketball court. Period.

  • Phillipe JeanLouis

    If MJ was averaging 37 back then, 50 would be easy. The physicality of the game takes it's toll on you over 4 quarters. Now, that physicality is 50% less. MJ would easily average 10-15 more points a game. And with no hand checking, he would literally be unstoppable; heck even with all the physicality and hand checking, you couldn't stop him from averaging 35 back then; imagine now. Averaging 50 would be EASY for MJ. Great Video with some incredible offensive footage.

  • Ryan Burchett

    I guess I have underestimated how important the hand check was for keeping track of an offensive player's movement as the defender. I played competitively when that was normal too. Never even thought about it. Took it for granted. Jordan did all of those slick moves with his defenders literally tracking his movements by feeling where he was going. That's part of why Jordan moved all over the place like he did.

  • soxrule74
    soxrule74  +561

    I was born and raised in Chicago, and watched Jordan play from when I was in high school throughout my 20s. The city lived and breathed the Bulls, and I have to say, it was an honor and a privilege to have that man play for a team in my city. It was a dynasty, and you knew you were witnessing something special back then!

  • Over 50’s CoD Club

    I’m 58 years old. I didn’t miss a game in all 6 seasons MJ won a ring. I watched every game I could on WGN for his career with the Bulls. I lived in Portland Oregon and saw him play 2 games on the original Dream Team in the Olympic qualifier, the Tournament of the Americas. I also saw him live at the old Portland Coliseum for three games playing the trailblazers and one game at the Rose garden. I don’t think you can put into words how good he really was, People today who didn’t see him play in his prime and think LeBron is the goat have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. To me Michael Jordan is and will always be the greatest player to ever touch the ball. I really enjoy watching these videos it takes me back to a time when basketball was worth watching. Thanks for posting these I’m having a lot of fun remembering the days I was a bball junkie

  • Robby Clark

    I watched this guy play from the early 90s through his retirement and I haven’t seen anything or anyone like him since. Kobe was as close as I’ve seen from another player who could transcend the game and just take over at will. Shaq as well to some extent, but Jordan was literally unstoppable in an era where you were literally punished for scoring. Not to mention the defensive skills he brought night in and night out.

  • Eric Moss
    Eric Moss  +17

    Jordan did what he did in an era against teams and players that took pride in defense. Also, the man was a relentless defender. The sky is the limit for what he could do today, but it was a privilege to see him do what he did when he did it.

  • D Metz
    D Metz Gün əvvəl

    Love the one answer “whatever he wanted to average”…. But above all, he would win. That’s what he’s all about. Loved watching him.

  • King Tacho

    Another thing that often goes underlooked is his stamina.

  • awanderer

    To me everybody talks about MJ's scoring abilities and all those statistical numbers but for me what stands out the most is his playstyle, just the way he plays the game... Til this day I haven't seen a basketball player move and dunk like MJ. It's like poetry in motion when watching him. The way he glides and floats in the air or the way he moves around the court or spins, it's just something else... To me that is what stands out the most. I know there's great players like LeBron, Kobe, Allen Iverson, but they never caught my attention as much as MJ did. The way MJ plays is just something else. Even in these clips I'm wowed by his highlights. It doesn't seem forced.

  • Art Makepeace @ Mac Daddys Dawgz & Catering

    There will NEVER be another MJ ... he was and still is the GOAT to me!