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[4K] Yuri's manager Sunny&Tiffany!!

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  • Tarixində dərc edildi 11 Avq 2022
    Tiffany and Sunny are awesome
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  • @The_Super_NOVA

    I LOVE how extra Tiffany is. She heard "manager" and broke out the blazer and "boss woman" hairstyle LOL

  • @jayyygee1867

    I love the way they compliment and roast each other in the same breathe

  • @KiloXone
    @KiloXone  +702

    Yuri is so damm pretty. She ages like wine 🍷

  • @TheBananaPieConcept

    random but as an awkward teenage girl snsd really taught me the best way to compliment and hype your girls without sounding like a kiss ass... u gotta be super nice and then immediately humble them this is the soshi way

  • @siyeonswife9186

    I’ve honestly been anticipating this one- they’re so funny, especially Tiffany lmfao

  • @apricjuanillo2086

    Yuri's visual is insane. She's even prettier than 4th gen idols out there

  • @iszsvnnyknight5688

    Sunny is very caring. She does it so calmly & quietly too. She look especially pretty here. With minimal make up. I like 2Ny manager. Both Tiffany & Sunny balance eachother. Super pretty trio Sunny- Tiffany - Yuri.

  • @amyfish4887

    Tiffany driving is a whole mood lol

  • @anjamoore1150

    Tiffany so funny. She advertised Yuri so well. I can see Yuri is holding her laugh. Sunny is calm & being embarrased by Tiffany 🤣. And how come they all looks so pretty??!!! Like do how people become more prettier??!!!. I'm loving it tho ❤️ i love them

  • @hyoqueen1265

    I like Sunny's personality so much.

  • @user-pn8tr1ck5w

    sunny's laughter is too contagious

  • @AnnaSoll99

    Tiffany was so good at this, she looked so professional. Sunny was also really good. They did such a good job for Yuri hehehehe

  • @femaleme5508

    T manager way too ambitious lol haha even members itself just can't with her🤣🤣🤣members reaction to her are everything bcs her styles such an artist🙌🏻

  • @koko-chuu1409

    Sooyoung said that Tiffany guide with a loud voice how the photos are gonna be taken and NOW we finally are here watching her doing that 💀💀

  • @hula62
    @hula62  +4

    Thank you for translating for English fans! ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💐 Tiffany, Sunny and Yuri are brilliant beautiful women. It was so fun to watch! 💐💕❤️😍🤩🎉

  • @inayndacika9854

    As excepted, the one and only T-manager 🤣🤣 Yuri looks frustrated 🤣🤣🤣 And the reaction of the members are so priceless 😭😭

  • @abigailnguyen6304

    After these years I still cant stop loving them and laughing when they talked to each others

  • @MassiveJetGrind

    Tiffany's hair is everything.

  • @maeganvillar7612

    Sunny is always good at doing her job whatever it is

  • @rayluciany5761

    They definitely chose chaos when they had Tiffany behind the wheel.