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Inside Rita Ora's Victorian-Era Sanctuary | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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  • Tarixində dərc edildi 4 Okt 2022
  • Today critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Rita Ora welcomes AD to London for a tour of her extraordinary Victorian-era home. Ora finished furnishing her new place with vintage finds from London’s famous Portobello Road Market - and most of the items she’d already owned and used in previous homes. Her sister and manager, Elena Ora, is responsible for arranging the furniture and interior designer Joanna Plant was brought in to add “little bits and bobs” to tie everything together. As she works on her third album, Ora couldn’t be happier with the calm and grounding home base she’s created. “My exterior self is super flamboyant, colorful, and I’m really proud of the decisions I make. Internally, my interior self is the opposite. I wanted my inner self reflected in my home.”
    Rita Ora is an international critically acclaimed singer-songwriter with over 10 billion world-wide streams, four #1 UK singles, and holds the record for the most Top 10 singles for a British female artist in the UK in history with a total of 13. In addition to being one of most successful female artists in the UK, she also lends her voice to the series Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight on Netflix, and will star in the upcoming film Tin Soldier. As a multi-talented industry leader, Rita also launched the award-winning Próspero Tequila with Conecuh Brands and premier Master Distiller Stella Anguiano, where she serves as Chief Creative Partner.
    See more of Rita's home here: www.architecturaldigest.com/g...
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  • Mamima
    Mamima Gün əvvəl +11

    Rita is so underrated. She’s the most stylist celeb out there

  • Willem Van Wyk Music
    Willem Van Wyk Music 4 saat əvvəl +3

    Love everything about this. Nothing over the top. Nothing so glam you don't feel welcome. This is stylish, chic, comfortable and so creative. And the garden. Wow!

  • Dil Reyes
    Dil Reyes Ay əvvəl +1272

    I love when people take a historic house and modernize it without taking its soul out. I LOVE this house and the history, it definitely feels like it has good energy AND that GARDEN! ❤️

    • Helen Clare
      Helen Clare Gün əvvəl

      Agree with Dil Reyes.

    • J
      J 16 gün əvvəl

      @Anthonia Orji it’s definitely on a whole other level in the UK if it’s protected. You definitely need to have money as the costs if anything breaks or has issues is going to be high.

    • Anthonia Orji
      Anthonia Orji Ay əvvəl

      @New Left if it’s a historical building in the US it’s the same but it has to registered as a historical building

    • New Left
      New Left Ay əvvəl +1

      It’s probably a grade I listed building meaning, it has high historical significance to this country so it can’t be altered (structurally) but you will be allowed to add to it and make it bigger or restore it. Can’t tear down any original features though thank goodness. That’s why I love England ❤

    • Shoelover @400
      Shoelover @400 Ay əvvəl +6

      That garden is everything!! ❤

  • Equinox
    Equinox 4 gün əvvəl +32

    My favorite house so far! Really unexpected. Simply gorgeous.

    • zahrah thaybah
      zahrah thaybah Gün əvvəl

      You should watch dakota johnson's episode. Hers really livin' the vibes

  • Soren Sparrow
    Soren Sparrow 3 gün əvvəl +21

    I absolutely love the garden and the old style of the house!

  • --
    -- 3 gün əvvəl +7

    Stunning home! love everything about it💯

  • kiwi soup
    kiwi soup Gün əvvəl +2

    That really is a lovely house and garden 💚

  • Blessed with Zest 🍋
    Blessed with Zest 🍋 2 gün əvvəl +2

    What a home - just stunning

  • U Do
    U Do 2 ay əvvəl +7237

    Imagine there was a time once, when a book illustrator could afford to live in a house like this in London.

    • Conco FPS
      Conco FPS 3 gün əvvəl

      Book illustrators were probably the TV directors of their time.

    • The Toaster
      The Toaster 3 gün əvvəl +2

      Imagine. And now here I am wondering if when I get old and can't pay my rent, I'm going to be homeless and die alone in an old people home. IF i'm lucky. I've been working since 16 years old, full time employment, never been out of a job. Paid full taxes my whole life.
      Isn't it kind of disgusting!

    • Andre Utrecht
      Andre Utrecht 5 gün əvvəl +1

      Well probably that illustrator was already from a wealthy family.... back in the time regular people didn't become illustrators... it was a rather posh job... and in a way it still is of course...

    • AS K
      AS K 7 gün əvvəl +1

      Belsize too, I'm a surveyor who inspects buildings across various inudstries in London and Belsize is a pretty wealthy area. A 1 bed apartment will cost almost £1M

    • Amritpalh H
      Amritpalh H 9 gün əvvəl

      @Femdivine Mind wish they still were

  • Roxanne Gonzalez
    Roxanne Gonzalez 8 saat əvvəl

    My favorite house so far! Just breathtaking.

  • Gaby Lindeque
    Gaby Lindeque 4 gün əvvəl +6

    Stunning home! I love the garden….

  • Clay
    Clay Ay əvvəl +799

    This home made me so happy! I can't believe something like this can exist in London. I was totally expecting it to be super glam because its Rita but I'm really glad she appreciates and respects the history of the space. I think that's so important to maintain the character of a home, but it also makes it feel so much warmer and more inviting. And she still found ways to add her style and personality to it in a way that made it feel fresh and organic. I just love it.

    • Clay
      Clay 14 gün əvvəl +1

      @Geopolitics nerd i only said that because of the garden.... obviously london is full of incredible history and architecture.

    • Geopolitics nerd
      Geopolitics nerd 15 gün əvvəl +3

      are kidding me? This kinda home is exactly what I expect from a city full of historic events like London lol. You can see why she kept it.

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht Ay əvvəl +18

      her energy and this home are MAGICAL so beautiful

    KAI KAI Ay əvvəl +308

    I had no idea she’s such a fun, bubbly person! She looks so happy talking about her house and the little details

    • mayaaa
      mayaaa 2 gün əvvəl

      @alis70s the prime minister of the country did the same thing, yet Rita got more bad press than he did

    • beautybutter
      beautybutter 6 gün əvvəl +2

      @Thornback didn’t she breaklock down rules by throwing herself a birthday party?

    • Thornback
      Thornback 14 gün əvvəl +6

      She is genuinely nice, was smeared by bitter Rob Kardashian and her label never fully understood her. She's been great as a judge on the singing shows.

  • Alice E
    Alice E 2 ay əvvəl +1069

    This is the first house I’ve seen on here in a while that doesn’t look like it’s just recently been designed by an architect/interior designer. It’s very organic with tons of history and personality.

    • PAH
      PAH 2 ay əvvəl +3


    • May Eighteen
      May Eighteen 2 ay əvvəl +46

      As an interior designer myself, I agree! I feel like I’m visiting a rich and neat friend’s home for tea and biscuits. It definitely gives off an elevated yet lived in home vibe.

  • Fern Love
    Fern Love Ay əvvəl +394

    Wow, WOW. This is hands down, the absolute best home I've seen on here. What a treasure. It's so wonderful to see the history and character of this home being appreciated and cared for, in a space that's also so full of life. Incredibly beautiful.

  • Ankita Swain
    Ankita Swain 2 gün əvvəl

    It's so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 I can't get enough of it... I so wanna have it and cozy up there.....

  • Lupe Century
    Lupe Century 4 gün əvvəl +41

    One of my favourite homes on this channel, that garden is impeccable, the interior has so much character I love it

  • Parniyan Zali
    Parniyan Zali 6 saat əvvəl

    She has a pretty house
    It's like heaven

  • Babbycatt
    Babbycatt 2 ay əvvəl +1412

    She's right, she is lucky to live in Arthur Rackham's house, but she really appreciates and respects it and it's history. She's made it beautiful, mixing old and new....and that garden, wow. Great job Rita and thank you for maintaining history. I for one am glad to know Arthur's house is there and being looked after.

    • Babbycatt
      Babbycatt Ay əvvəl

      @J_A_77 Absolutely

    • J_A_77
      J_A_77 Ay əvvəl +1

      It’s a grade 2 listed building. There’s a listed building council, as well as the local conservation committee who will limit what she can and can’t do with the property I.e. all listed fabric (doors, cornice, skirtings, floors, windows) May need to be restored or replaced like for like.

    • Tiestokygo Ericprydz
      Tiestokygo Ericprydz 2 ay əvvəl +1


    • M. A.
      M. A. 2 ay əvvəl +31

      And if things go sour financially she literally can sell it and for a bigger price now, so she'll still remain a multimillionaire. But I'm sure it's not about the money and it's priceless to her, cause you can really feel the respect she has for it and it's history and it radiates through the screen how sentimental this house is to her. It's a home. It really is. With an amazing past. Amazing.

  • Jane Webster
    Jane Webster 6 saat əvvəl

    Lucky Rita. I love her house

    A BIT OF THIS & THAT Gün əvvəl

    Absolutely lovely

  • Steph Li
    Steph Li 5 gün əvvəl +43

    the best house tour so far. first of all the house structure is amazing, the garden in pure magic and rita seems so grateful end respectful to live in this house. And above all, this is the first time that the house really looks like a home. Most of the other tours show very elegant and well designed houses (i really loved Kendall jenner and troye sivan houses), but they look like nobody is living there.

  • Charlotte Horlock
    Charlotte Horlock Ay əvvəl +88

    This is a truly stunning house. Rita seems very down-to-earth and grateful and I love how much she's honoured the history of the place.

  • Kat G
    Kat G Ay əvvəl +169

    Love AD house tours and this is by far most beautiful, most relatable one. It's earthy, connected with nature, cheerful, it shows character but Rita kept respect towards history of the house and I love how enlightened she is just talking about it. I've been searching for inspiration for my own home and this is definitely it

  • Latisha Louise
    Latisha Louise 6 gün əvvəl +35

    Wow. I absolutely LOVE this house! And she seems so fun and down to earth

  • joflodavid
    joflodavid 10 gün əvvəl +2

    Now, that is one spectacular home! I love that she has preserved and enhanced such a unique space, honoring its past and making the most of its future. Well done, Rita.

  • Dee Marie Dubois
    Dee Marie Dubois Ay əvvəl +44

    This is a home. Rita’s home. It was beautiful but very livable; comfortable but classy. Loved the bedroom with bath in the room and that sweet balcony. Soaking in that tub with a fire going…perfection. The gardens were glorious. I couldn’t believe how large they were. Rita has worked hard and her home is her much deserved reward. I’m so pleased she shared it.

  • Lara A
    Lara A Ay əvvəl +32

    It's amazing what money can buy...yet she has astonishing taste, and appreciates what she has has. I am mesmerised by her home.

  • Priyanka Thakur
    Priyanka Thakur 4 gün əvvəl

    I remember seeing this interview of Rita ora where said that she doesn’t know how to cook. I mean if she’s learnt how to cook after that I don’t know . But it felt so sus to me 😂

  • Nelly López
    Nelly López Ay əvvəl +2

    Wonderful house, gorgeous garden, Marvelous textures and colors. This is my favorite so far!

  • Ebony Sharee
    Ebony Sharee Ay əvvəl +15

    Love her house. The garden is so whimsical. She could have so many little parties there. Love her kitchen and living room too!

  • Prefab, Tiny, Modular Homes
    Prefab, Tiny, Modular Homes 2 ay əvvəl +2647

    She did a great job of bringing a modern sense into such a classic home without ruining the original aesthetic. This is a masterclass in updating a historic property without having it lose the character of the original architecture. The plants add a nice touch as well. Love it!

    • N B
      N B Ay əvvəl +3

      @Evening Star my point is that when a celebrity “does” something it’s not the same as a regular person doing it, and these videos are overly staged on top of that. It’s just a yawn 🥱 I bought a Victorian house myself, and am not disagreeing that the property has been kept nice.

    • Evening Star
      Evening Star Ay əvvəl +5

      @N B that point you are making, doesn't hold any water. Of course she used designers! She mentioned it throughout the video. What they were saying was that Rita and her team did a good job of restoring the homes' classic and historic touches. So many people will buy historic homes and mansions, to gut out everything that is historic and classic! They modernize a historic home and remove all of its historical elements. Rita didn't want that to happen, as it was the rich history of the home that drew her to purchasing this specific house.

    • N B
      N B Ay əvvəl +3

      Like the whole thing isn’t dressed and staged and she didn’t use interior designers 🙄

    • Evening Star
      Evening Star 2 ay əvvəl +1

      @Painter Lee me too!! Something tells me it was magnificent! I'm assuming it was loads bigger as well. I bet it was a mostly original kitchen? I want to know sooo bad!

    • Kace
      Kace 2 ay əvvəl +3

      I love that it looks like she put it together, that it's actually her personal style and not some million-dollar team. It's upscale without being over-done!!

  • Smart Home Tours
    Smart Home Tours 12 gün əvvəl +2

    I love your intros and transition shots, it's fun meeting the owners, seeing how they actually live and why they made certain selections

  • Chrysa LPL
    Chrysa LPL 4 gün əvvəl

    it is rerally incredible, I thought at the beggining it is in Hampstead

  • Pain to Power
    Pain to Power  10 gün əvvəl +1

    This house is STUNNING this is exactly the kind of house that I want, victorian but still modern, sooooo beautiful

  • Paradise V
    Paradise V Ay əvvəl +19

    I love Rita and Vanessa Hudgens house. How they explain the history of the house and all the details inside the house makes it all interesting to watch. Its nice to see someone knows the history of the house they live in that tells why they bought the house and property. Both have a nice house and garden.

  • TruthOrClaire
    TruthOrClaire Ay əvvəl +36

    So whimsical! Love how she’s honored the original details of the home while also making it her own!

  • Simón Gámez
    Simón Gámez 2 ay əvvəl +49

    One of the best, if not the best house you guys have ever featured here. She has a gorgeous and incredible house/personality/vibe! I love every part of it.

  • Steff C
    Steff C 17 gün əvvəl +1

    Beautiful home! I love how she’s added a modern touch to this beautiful old house. Have to be careful online though when your home is easily findable due to being unique, some people are crazy

  • Rita Esinam Dawugbo
    Rita Esinam Dawugbo 4 gün əvvəl +16

    The most stunning house, garden and interior I have ever seen. Well done Rita

  • Shaun Phan
    Shaun Phan 18 gün əvvəl +1

    Love her home. Love how she mix the old with the new. And the garden is so beautiful, that's how I imagine the garden of eden would look like.

  • aignaciodc
    aignaciodc Ay əvvəl +12

    Beautifully done. This is how I thought my home would look like as “an adult”. But alas, no lottery win. I love that she has such respect for the history of the space, and keeping things like the double sink and tiles. So many people wouldn’t get it and would destroy it for something awful and modern. This is just gorgeous.

  • C-C Music Reactor Reacts to Pop Video Weekly

    Awesome home, such attention to detail, and what a personality both Rita has and the home contains, amazing video.

  • Garanke Bah
    Garanke Bah 12 gün əvvəl +4

    I don't actually listen to her music but seeing how she preserved the history of this incredibly beautiful house has made her rise in my eyes this is an actual HOME not the cold monstrosities that historical places in London is curently being turned into.

  • Uncommentaytor
    Uncommentaytor 2 ay əvvəl +878

    I love that the house feels like a home. There's character to it and it doesn't feel staged. The interior design and furniture feel like deliberate pieces instead of just putting in what's trendy for the sake of it.

  • François
    François 9 gün əvvəl +1

    Gosh I love her so much. Her positive and humble energy is just so nice to see …

  • Krysia ASMR
    Krysia ASMR 3 gün əvvəl

    I like
    Her vibe:) cute house

  • hazel witch
    hazel witch 11 gün əvvəl +1

    this made me so happy that she is totally in love with the history of the house and loving it this keeps heart in a property and keeps it magical

  • Sonja Sky Gatlin
    Sonja Sky Gatlin Ay əvvəl +6

    I love how homey it is and how it reflects her personal style. That garden is everything! A real story book dream. I’ll take a kiss on that bench any day Rita. Just find me a nice fellow.

  • Her_Lima
    Her_Lima 2 ay əvvəl +681

    Such a perfect harmony between modern and vintage.. She kept the right amount of the original stuff and it didn't make her house look cluttered or stuffy.. so so beautiful

    • Ashley Walker
      Ashley Walker Ay əvvəl +1

      And how she kept the wonderful old bathroom sinks, the victorian vintage white. Beautiful.

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht Ay əvvəl +15

      she has treated the heritage of this house with so much respect. Stunning.

  • Konstantin Kunev
    Konstantin Kunev Ay əvvəl +19

    Honestly, never heard a single song of hers, but I've got so much respect for her after this video. Keeping this amazing house respected, it's features preserved and blended with her own taste and modern components - amazing. Also she seems like such a sweet humble person, really enjoyed everything here

  • Kimiya Karimi
    Kimiya Karimi Ay əvvəl +5

    the garden is straight out of a book or movie, so peaceful and beautiful

  • Gianna -Don’t Scroll
    Gianna -Don’t Scroll Ay əvvəl +9

    I didn't know what to really expect BUT when Rita opened her front door and let us in, I loved what I saw and was instantly hooked. What a wonderful, eclectic space done with such good taste. It's elegant and sophisticated and not at all pretentious. It's beautiful. Bravo, Ms. Ora.

  • A Blessed Woman
    A Blessed Woman 14 gün əvvəl

    Exquisite!. I love greenery. Love the history and how she kept the “soul” of the house. I like to see people’s homes. Gives a peak into their souls… I wouldn’t have ever thought Rita’s home would look like this . ❤❤

  • Eleonoor
    Eleonoor 2 ay əvvəl +872

    This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best home I’ve ever seen on this channel. So so we’ll done. She managed to keep the history of the house ánd make it totally hers. I love it to bits.

    • Imkum Pongen
      Imkum Pongen Ay əvvəl +1

      Agree 👍 🙆‍♀️ 💯 👍

    • Lees Lit Fam
      Lees Lit Fam Ay əvvəl +1

      I feel the same :)

    • Emlno X.
      Emlno X. Ay əvvəl +1

      @maltygoodness2 her Michael**

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 Ay əvvəl +1

      a’ it’s not same😳🥾🐍

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 Ay əvvəl +1

      how the heck did you get tha ‘ oh!

  • Monica Larson
    Monica Larson Ay əvvəl +5

    This house is so gorgeous. The preservation of historic elements combined with modern touches is done so deftly. So many of the houses on this channel look like they were assembled by a designer in a couple of months, but this looks like it grew more organically. The garden is the crowning glory. This is absolutely my favorite house featured so far. Rita is so charming I'm happy a lovely person is enjoying it.

  • Adnan Ayub
    Adnan Ayub Ay əvvəl +5

    Beautiful home, the best I have seen on here. Was not expecting that at all. So homely, modern with the original character of the home. I also love that she doesn’t have a modern garden and kept it traditional with ponds and lots of greenery. Surprised me.

  • Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    I didn't know what to really expect BUT when Rita opened her front door and let us in, I loved what I saw and was instantly hooked. What a wonderful, eclectic space done with such good taste. It's elegant and sophisticated and not at all pretentious. It's beautiful. Bravo, Ms. Ora.

  • Elizabeth McLeod
    Elizabeth McLeod 19 gün əvvəl +1

    Now this is a home I adore! It’s perfect. That garden is sensational. Enjoy Rita!

  • Celine Bde-flower me now
    Celine Bde-flower me now 2 ay əvvəl +439

    I'm really glad that she ended up owning this house, as she truly seems to appreciate its uniqueness. Lovely taste. Beautiful house :)

    • awnx ruyv
      awnx ruyv Ay əvvəl +1

      through the screen, and we don’t see that on a lot of these tours. Thank you, AD! (This home is so inspiring!)

  • Heather Thrills
    Heather Thrills 2 ay əvvəl +30

    The most impressive thing about her house is how many others have been inspired by it and incorporated its design principles into their own living spaces. In this regard, it is more approachable.

  • nicole Nobody
    nicole Nobody Ay əvvəl +3

    What a beautiful home!!

  • annapri15
    annapri15 6 gün əvvəl

    I love every room in this house. The garden is spectacular!

  • BFoxy1326
    BFoxy1326 11 gün əvvəl +1

    i absolutely adore her house. I love that she kept lots of original pieces that add so much charm to the home❤ Rita is awesome😉

  • Life's Abeach
    Life's Abeach  2 ay əvvəl +647

    I didn't know what to really expect BUT when Rita opened her front door and let us in, I loved what I saw and was instantly hooked. What a wonderful, eclectic space done with such good taste. It's elegant and sophisticated and not at all pretentious. It's beautiful. Bravo, Ms. Ora.

    • P A
      P A Ay əvvəl +2

      No offense to Rita because I absolutely love her, but being a popstar, I also thought the house may be a bit pretentious. Boy was I wrong lol! So beautiful and cozy. This looks like an actual house! ❤

    • ezekie1
      ezekie1 Ay əvvəl +2

      I watched the first 15 seconds preview in silence before I clicked. I'm glad I didn't skip it!

    • Ruby Arias
      Ruby Arias 2 ay əvvəl +8

      I almost didn’t watch…but the word “Victorian” intrigued me…and I wasn’t let down.

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